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New Works Festival

The University of Texas just wrapped up its New Works Festival. I shot some press photos for a few of the productions prior to the event so I was pleased when I got the call to shoot archival for one, and on the final day no less.

I sat in on the last showing of Wild Abandon, a great blend of period music from a live band with a fantastic vocalist and a cast of dancers, all stuffed into the Brocket Theatre. Here are a few samples of that shoot.

Below those are a couple photos from the press shoot -- Colossus on top and The Women of Juarez beneath that.

New Works Festival New Works Festival New Works Festival New Works Festival New Works Festival

Itchin For The Ocean

Too much time has elapsed since Ashley and I took our first cruise last year. We booked a six-night cruise on Royal Caribbean from Galveston, Texas, which stopped in Beliz and a couple destinations in Mexico.

This ship itself was really impressive with a miniature golf course, rock climbing wall, several pools and hot tubs and a grand total of 19 bars. The staff did an excellent job keeping us busy, if we wanted it, and helped us find ways to relax when that was required.

Cell reception was a combination of impossible and unbelievably expensive so we took the shut-em-off route and spent the seven days untethered from the mainland. I took a camera, my emergency camera which was at that time, a Canon 30D, for the purpose of stealing an occasional snapshot. And that's what I got, snapshots. I did find the time to take some real photographs in a few places. I've posted all three of them below.

By the way, we were on the Mariner of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Royal Caribbean Cruise

Quiet Skies

For the first time since I've been alive, both the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds have been forced to cancel their seasons effective April 1. This includes service academy flyovers which really sucks for those guys.

So many of us are going to miss their thunder this year but it's important to remember none of this is their fault. They'd fly in a heartbeat if there was any way they could.

Here's a small sample of what we can expect to miss and if you're at all sentimental, enjoy at your own risk.

thunderbirds thunderbirds thunderbirds