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Texas Stars Team Photo

I've taken a few team photos in my day. This was the first team I photographed on ice, however. I worked up a few versions of this one, but settled on the one below. Coach was very ready to get going with practice after the shoot so the real trick was getting packed and off the ice before one of the players blasted a slapper at my head. Thanks guys, for holding back and resisting what must have been a pretty special urge to check me.

Texas Stars Team Photo

Intimate Performance

Live acting is always tough for me to handle, bad acting in particular. I soak up that sense of embarrassment for the actors when they mess up. I can't watch most reality TV for the same reason, but since I began picking up assignments for The University of Texas, I haven't encountered an awkward situation.

The actors and actresses at Texas are spot on. If they have miscued, misspoken or misunderstood any aspect of their characters in my presence, it has been extremely well hidden. Because of their routine excellence, I have found a way to not only tolerate, but enjoy live productions again.

Below are a few snippets I pulled from the gallery I sent off after shooting my most recent assignment for them, the play "Intimate Apparel." It runs well beyond two hours with only one 10-minute break but to me, it felt like a half hour. Touche University of Texas Theatre and Dance.

Intimate Apparel Intimate Apparel Intimate Apparel Intimate Apparel

Prepare For Battle

Unsung heros often make great stories. The more deserving the individuals are, the better the piece, generally. Brian Garcia and Jorge Lopez, equipment manager and assistant equipment manager respectively, made my job of recording a few hours of their lives with the Texas Stars easy.

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy this short homage.

Peanuts And Crackerjacks

Perhaps one of the finest college sports options during the spring is baseball and it is back in full swing -- pun habits from my newspaper headline-writing days die hard, really hard. I am not generally a huge baseball fan, but it has got to be one of my favorite Uniersity of Texas sports. Disch-Falk Field is a beautiful venue and has always played a wonderful host, minus the one time I went to a game in the rain and had a rather loud altercation with a ticket-taker, whom I'll generously describe only as cranky, over the admittance of an umbrella. The sport needs to revisit this issue. The poncho is fine for my camera but it's simply not happening for me. Sorry! That said, I had a great time already this year and look forward to attending more games in spite of my crazy semester.

Thought I'd share a little of what I saw down the barrel and she if it helps you catch the bug too. Hook 'Em. \m/

University of Texas Baseball University of Texas Baseball University of Texas Baseball University of Texas Baseball