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It's Winter. How 'Bout Some Hockey

Recently, I was asked to photograph the Texas Stars' annual Skate With The Stars family event. Cedar Park Center can be a pretty challenging place to shoot. I'm a firm believer in the mantra, "Photographers make photos, not cameras," but sometimes, not having the right equipment can really hold a photog back. CPC pushes shooters and their equipment a little bit, which is OK, but it means the situation can get really rough in a hurry if for some reason any part of what makes shooting there difficult becomes worse.

When I arrived at the facility, early, as I often do before a big shoot or one about which I have certain reservations or specific concerns, I noticed the house lights were dimmed to some degree. This isn't atypical of a morning there so I thought nothing of it. I performed a quick tour, ran a few checks and some routine tests, all the while noticing the lights weren't getting any brighter.

Bad. To. Worse.

It was flash time, on-camera 580EXII stobin' time. Nothing kills a shoot faster than direct flash when used out of necessity. Sigh. Oh well, let's have some fun with it. I took a few panning shots, busted out the second curtain sync a little and pulled the flash off the camera a couple times but mostly I just blasted my subjects' eyes until nobody within about 10 feet could see anything. Red eye correction. Flat, DMV-style lighting. High contrast. Did I mention I was on skates this whole time, shooting people while skating backward and staring through my lens, which I kept around 80-100mm?

In the end, I made it work. I pulled around 60 photos, I think, although some looked better in black and white and some only ran in black and white. The lowermost photo in this post is my favorite from the shoot. It shows one of the goaltenders hitting a puck around with a couple kids in front of the team's head coach, left, assistant coach and team president, right. Moment.

The moment is why we do what we do. The best photo is the moment, every single time.

I took the uppermost photo in this post earlier this week. I was wrapping up a portrait series on heroes I've been working on for the past few months. Texas forward Francis Wathier did me a huge favor and allowed me to make this photo of him, satisfying my need capture a profession athlete hero.

Texas Stars

Things Are Still Great ...

This post is really an extension of the previous one. I explored downtown again but this time I shot on 35mm film. I processed this film in my bathroom for the first time so this was essentially a test roll. I needed an exposed roll to ensure the chemicals were all mixed properly.

Images Josh Rasmussen 2012

Austin Austin Austin

Things Will Be Great ...

I've lived in Austin for more than two years now and just realized I haven't explored the city too much outside my assignments. So I hit downtown a few days ago around 9:00 a.m. and began to look for typical Austin scenes with good light. I found a few, nothing magical but it was nice to smell that city air again. It reminded me of the trips I had taken to New York and D.C. during my undergrad years.

Images Josh Rasmussen 2012

Austin Austin

First Bird

I've never actually taken a seat and scribbled down the list of aircraft I'd like to photograph someday but I have a few constantly lingering in the back of my mind. One such item is Air Force One or even a presidentless VC-25. This afternoon I took my second crack at crossing this one-of-a-kind beast off my list and I am happy to report that as of roughly 4:00 p.m., my list is one line lighter thanks to Air Force One (Obama). He arrived 30 minutes early, pinning the jet against a muted, gray backdrop, much to my disappointment, but I'm still happy with the result considering the subject. Incidentally, had he been on time, a much more cooperative sky would have ushered in the bright blue behemoth.

Images Josh Rasmussen 2012

Air Force Once Air Force Once

Saturday at the Falls

The summer, though relaxing at times, is generally boring and I can settle in a rut if I don't find something to keep me busy. Luckily, Ashley is no stranger to adventure and can always find something fun to bring me to the surface. On this Saturday, we moseyed down to Pedernales Falls State Park. Upon arrival, I channeled my inner Frith and snapped a few shots. Though the best shot of the day, the shadow of a hawk's wings against the patch of red dirt painted on the green-speckled rock eluded me, I came away with a pleasant grouping of photos. This is about a serene as I've seen Texas.

Images Josh Rasmussen 2012

Pedernales Pedernales

Killing Time At ABIA (AUS)

I have a habit of gravitating toward the local airport during free time, especially if I have a camera with me. I picked up these shot the other day and I have to say, I like United's new look with the slick white paint job.

Images Josh Rasmussen 2012

United Airlines JetBlue

Visit to the Texas Capitol Building

Ashley and I took the opportunity to wander through the Texas Capitol Building after living in Austin for more than a year and a half. This was only the second time Ashley had even set foot on the grounds and for me, it was the fourth. I ended up there during a street photography shoot with a friend in late spring and around the same time I shot a protest for the Austin-American Statesman which began on the Capitol steps.

Images Josh Rasmussen 2012

Texas Capitol Texas Capitol Texas Capitol Texas Capitol Texas Capitol Texas Capitol Texas Capitol