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Josh Rasmussen | SportsShooter Member | Former Member of ESPIOC and Colorado Healthcare Communicators and Former Member of NPPA

My name is Josh Rasmussen. I live in Broomfield, Colo., with my wife Ashley. I'm a graduate of The University of Texas where I earned my masters in journalism in 2013. I collected most of my photography experience at Texas, but I caught the bug through my love for sports and aviation. Before I picked up my first DSLR, however, and long before I acquired studio equipment and film cameras, I was writing and reporting as a journalist. I wouldn't trade those days or skills for anything. They continue to serve me well.

Most recently, I put my skills to work as a media relations strategist and one of two PIO's at Denver Health in downtown Denver. I helped managed communication during crises, drafted and distributed press releases, spoke to local, regional, national and sometimes international media on behalf of Denver Health almost daily and sussesfully converted many proactive pitches. My focus at Denver Health was as a spokesperson, but I also spent several months managing a pair of internal communication channels, including the communication efforts made available through the organization's intranet. Though I didn't flex my photographic muscle all that often at Denver Health, I used it in a nearly non-stop fashion in North Carolina at the community hospital where I worked prior to moving to Colorado.

In North Carolina, I served as the public relations coordinator at a hospital with a rich history and a vital role in its community. I served as the primary media contact and handled all media relations network-wide in addition to my usual writing, design work and photography duties. Ashley and I spent two years in North Carolina before moving in fall of 2015 when she accepted a position in Boulder with the University of Colorado.

I have worked just about everywhere in media from copy editing and layout to pre-press and of course reporting and photographing. I twice advanced to managing editor, once after a brief layover as the sports editor, at the student publications for which I worked. During the student-news years, our publications were recognized with several prestigious awards. The headliners include a 2007-2008 Pacemaker Award, which boasts an image of one of my front-page designs; first place in the Best All-Around Newspaper at the Washington D.C. Society of Professional Journalists and Associated Collegiate Press National Conventions; first place in Best of Show at the New York City College Media Advisers Convention (coveted Apple Award) and first place in Best of Show for Region 10 SPJ (Mark of Excellence Award). I began designing almost as soon as I entered journalism and from fall of 2011 through May of 2013, I helped teach graphic design and newspaper layout to undergraduates at Texas.

Since a week or so prior to the commencement of training camp in 2012, I started interning with the Texas Stars -- the American Hockey League affiliate of the NHL's Dallas Stars. I coordinated all photography for the team. I covered team activities on and off the ice, including game action photography, game day preview videos and the team photo. I monitored media and facilitated scouts during press conferences and in the press box.

In spring of 2011, I interned as a photographer with the Austin American-Statesman, which continues to serve more than 1.8 million people in and around Austin. Prior to my work with The Statesman, I reported sports for Cedar Park and Leander's Hill Country News and before I ventured to Texas, I worked full-time for a year at the Coeur d'Alene Press in North Idaho.

As a student of the digital era of journalism, I have recorded, logged, edited and produced several short videos and audio slideshows. Also, having been raised alongside web design, I read, understand and write HTML5, JavaScript and some ActionScript 3. Finally, I have grown alongside social media, taking part in nearly every major format availalble and have operated social media account on behalf on organizations on multiple occasions. I was chiefly responsible for overseeing all social media accounts and traffic during my time at Randolph Hospital and took control of twitter for the Texas Stars during their games. I received specific social media training while at The University of Texas and as a student of the Journalism School, took part in the noted history of and best practices lecture from the professor at Texas who put the Austin American-Statesman on the social medai map before moving to teaching.

I have a background as a well-rounded journalist, but because this site is dedicated to photography, here is some of what I've accomplished with my cameras in recent years. I've covered protests, breaking news, political debates and more sports than I can count, including a Fiesta Bowl and a couple rounds of the NCAA's March Madness. I've been lifted 100 feet skyward by the fire department; flown in a WWII bomber; held a Nobel Prize and met its owner and photographed two Heisman Trophy winners, including the great Earl Campbell. I've met and profiled aviation great Corky Fornof, photographed Air Force One and Hawg Smoke, a bi-annual live fire Air Force gunnery competition for A-10's. I stood just feet from a massive and very expensive MR scanner, photographing as it was lifted into place through the roof of the new scan room at Randolph Hospital. I spent two very long days taking production shots of the filming of an episode of Doomsday Preppers in Texas. I practically swam across Congress Bridge in Austin on a stormy day to complete an assignment to shoot the first day of the tech week of South by Southwest one year and was rewarded as one of my photographs was picked up and run across nearly every national news outlet covering the event.

Outside school and my internships, I freelanced for the Austin-American Statesman, among other papers, and shot for both the performing arts and athletics departments at the University of Texas. On occasion, I also did contract work for visiting universities, helped shoot a marathon for Getty Images at the Texas Motor Speedway and covered a home-opener football game for Duke not long after we moved to North Carolina.

Additionally, I've done some documentary work and spent a great deal of time in the studio. In December of 2012, I finished my second short photo story book and I've already started work on a couple more.

Anyone with questions or just wanting to talk shop is welcome to shoot me an e-mail at

My Tools:

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Bridge, Lightroom/Photo Mechanic, Photomatix, Acrobat, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Final Cut, Pro Tools, Reaper, Dropbox, Google Drive (including Google Sheets with formulas)