Vaporfaith Media Solutions
What is Vaporfaith?

Welcome to Vaporfaith Media Solutions. My name is Josh Rasmussen and this is my personal website. Here you will find galleries full of photos and videos I've taken from here and there. I also host my Vf Tales blog here.

I started Vf Tales in early 2012 in Austin, Texas. Many of my friends are professional photographers and most of us have created some form of blog or website to keep photos and stories. I choose to post everything from accounts of my adventures to selects from some of my professional contracts. I ensure each post has at least one photo or video. Most include high resoltuion photos I shot with my DSLR's or film cameras, but some stories are better told with snapshots I grabbed with my cell phone when I didn't hae a camera with me.

I keep a full bio available on my website and have contat info available throughout. I always welcome questions and love to talk shop.

Finally, I'm not the only in my family with a blog. In 2015, at the age of 28, my sister was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, shortened to P.O.T.S. or "POTS." She explains it far better than I could, but needless to say, it threw a wrench in her life. She has tackled the new challenges head-on and continues to live and extroardinary life. Read about how it began then follow her story today at P.O.T.S.: Finding Siles in the Trials.