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Merry Christmas From North carolina

Merry Christmas everybody! Ashley decided she wanted to assemble a Christmas card this year so we thumbed through our phones to find a photo of both of us with real smiles doing something new since moving to North Carolina last Christmas. We found a shot we both liked from our first, and so far only, trip to the beach.

The drive wasn't bad at all and we were pleasantly surprised when we got there. Fort Macon is right on the point and set up as a museum. We walked through most of the exhibits and took some photos there as well. The sand was real, beach sand. I had forgotten how fine it can be. It's not like that playground, sandbox sand. More than anything, it reminded me of visiting the beach when I was a kid. I have been to Hawaii many times since, but Hawaii sand is not the same. This was Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Oregon sand and as I discovered, also your North Carolina sand.

Anyway, it was a great day. We stopped and had lunch, what else but seafood for a beach day, then took some homemade fudge to go. We broke that open on the beach, found a nice collection of shells and I was thrilled when a flight of V-22's flew over on the way back to New River MCAS, just down the coast.

The photo we found of Ladybird is one I took early on, right after we moved to North Carolina last Christmas. Ladybird loves to look out the window and watch the birds and squirrels and something she never saw in Texas, deer. This is her having a good time for sure.

We all hope you enjoy the card, have a very merry Christmas and take time to remember the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas From North Carolina

Beginning Of Bowl-Bound

Right now, Duke's football team is preparing for a meeting with Arizona State in the Sun Bowl December 27. Head coach David Cutcliffe took this program and made some serious noise with it, ending an 18-year bowl drought in 2012 with a Belk Bowl bid against Cincinnati and followed that with a huge game against Texas A&M in the 2013 Chick-fil-A bowl -- a game the Blue Devis nearly won and led at half by a wide margin.

So here they are again, in 2014, looking as strong as ever and prepping for a difficult PAC-12 opponent, but this season began in Wallace Wade Stadium on the Duke University campus, several weeks ago, against an opponent from just up the road -- Elon. I was hired to photograph that game and decided it would be appropriate to share a few photos. Go Duke!

Duke University Football Goes Bowling
Duke University Football Goes Bowling
Duke University Football Goes Bowling
Duke University Football Goes Bowling
Duke University Football Goes Bowling
Duke University Football Goes Bowling

Courage Unmasked

This is such an interesting idea. Several patients who underwent radiation treatment at Randolph Cancer Center donated their radiation masks to Randolph County artists who then made meaningful pieces of art from them. The idea was to turn something ugly into something beautiful. Mission accomplished. I photographed a couple of my favorites. Note the detail highlighted in the final photo.
Cancer Radiation Art Exhibit
Cancer Radiation Art Exhibit
Cancer Radiation Art Exhibit
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